SMIB WORLDWIDE is a platform which found form in the south east of Amsterdam. De Bims, or the Smib, a name people from there are more familiar with, is the name we started to label our art with. Couple years later, the platform consists in different lanes such as the music industry, clothing and even literature. And while the platform started in a small hood in Amsterdam, our focus is on the planet as a whole.
Quincy Ofosu
at the time the article was written Quincy was 19 years old

This rapper has a lot to say and a lot of love to give. He is a gentle and honest guy, which is something that becomes evident when he interacts with his girlfriend, whom he keeps close. He seems to take his relationships with friends and other people seriously, as much as he does his music. “Music is timeless and it’s a beautiful thing that in ten years people can still listen to what you created today.” His music is mostly about storytelling, and less about trying to become more known or creating a hit song. He wants to be in it for the long run, not just to be famous for a short period of time. He is very dedicated to his music; it is his life. Although he appears to be a gentle guy in a conversation, he shows a different side of his personality in his music: a passionate young adult who is not afraid of anything, “The speakers are here to speak, the followers are here to follow.” 

He understands his role in motivating other young people to do what they love; he is conscious of his existence and says he is an open-minded person, which may be what makes him different from other rappers. This shows in how he treats everyone the same and isn’t trying to prove anything to anyone: he just does what he loves, standing at the beginning of a possibly great career, appreciating every little step he takes. He appears genuinely thankful to see everyone that comes to see him at a SMIB performance, and shares nice things fans say about him on social media. He emphasises the importance of creativity amongst young people, and how everything we do today will influence the future. 

He sees himself as an entrepreneur, “An entrepreneur is someone who does something that contributes to society, so that’s what I am.” He doesn’t think he would ever fully succeed in life, however, because to him that means that he has seen everything and tasted all the food the world has to offer. And that would never be possible, because there is always more. His eagerness to see the world is interesting, considering the fact that he just crossed the borders of The Netherlands for the first time in his life: to a wedding in Belgium. His desire to travel is a wish that he shares with his SMIB colleagues. When he talks about them, you can see what they mean to him. Being able to work together but alone, too, works perfectly for him. He describes them as his family, which is something that developed naturally, “I didn’t join SMIB, SMIB has evolved out of us”.
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