Get Me is een sociaal activistisch platform dat een middenweg zoekt tussen
inhoud en vorm. Get Me stelt vragen over de maatschappij in de vorm van
reportages, debatten, video en fotografie. Bij Get Me werkte ik als art director
aan meerdere projecten.
Whether it is the influence of Russia, the impact of Facebook, the effect of social (internet) bubbles, or just stone-cold reality: Trump is a symbol of our time. His achievement to become president in this day and age is momentous for the state of our democracy, individuality, and daily reality. One day, we will look back on this significant period of time and realise: we are the KIDS OF THE TRUMP ERA.
Get Me – a place for today’s activist. A new generation of change advocates arises amidst a world dominated by visual in- and output. They look for substance in distinctive aesthetics and they do not recognize themselves in current policies. This generation is determined to challenge the status quo. Get Me explores these radical alternatives through visual essays, honest portrayals and debates. We seek to bring understanding and relativism. Get Me is a product of our time and generation. Do you Get Me?​​​​​​​
More photos coming soon! 
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