Art Direction: Hanna Eenhoorn
Interview: Shirin Mirachor
Camera: Sami El Hassani
2e Camera: Cheyenne Langejans
Montage: Hanna Eenhoorn, Guus Voorham
Met dank aan: Mooi Mooier Middelland, Gijs van der Meer, Espresso Dates
Get Me is een sociaal activistisch platform dat een middenweg zoekt tussen
inhoud en vorm. Get Me stelt vragen over de maatschappij in de vorm van
reportages, debatten, video en fotografie. Bij Get Me werkte ik als art director
aan meerdere projecten, waaronder het HIPSTER/MUSLIM project.
HIPSTER/MUSLIM aims to start a conversation beyond stigmas. Through personal interviews about identity, prejudices, and faith, HIPSTER/MUSLIM offers a new playground for the voices that need to be heard. 
HIPSTER/MUSLIM is a contemporary series of portraits that discusses the issues surrounding stereotyping in a playful manner. Many tend to talk about ‘subgroups’ instead of talking with them. With the HIPSTER/MUSLIM project, Get Me – a place for today’s activist – gives the floor to six guys from the neighbourhood to let them speak and offer insight into the vision of this new generation. 
After the editions Amsterdam/AmsterdamWest (2015), Antwerpen/Borgerhout (2016), and Brussel/Molenbeek (2017), HIPSTER/MUSLIM returns to where it all began: Rotterdam West. 
Rotterdam West is a neighbourhood with a strong identity and a place where people seem to live together in harmony. At the same time, it is a neighbourhood that is rapidly developing. How do these six guys experience their changing environment? Who determines the norm and who adapts to whom? In other words, how do we want to live together and what role does the neighbourhood play in this?

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